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Strictly Coffee is proud to announce the extension of their Gourmet Coffee Range to include the following unique coffees:

Yemen Mocca Matari
Jamaica Blue Mountain

Authentic Mocha coffee is from Yemen and Matari coffee is perhaps its best known. It is from the Bani Mattar region area located west of the capital city of Sana'a. This is very high altitude coffee, grown 6500 to 7000 feet, resulting in small, concentrated beans. Not much has changed over the centuries as to how Yemen coffee is processed. In the manner of all natural coffees the fruit pulp and skin are left to dry while still attached to the beans. Once dried the husk is removed using a millstone. The varietals used in growing this coffee are ancient, heirloom species. The more widely known is Ismaili but there are many less familiar names.


Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is widely revered as the world’s best coffee. Any attempts at verifying this in empirical terms is impossible as coffee like any other luxury relies on subjective human tastes. What is empirically valid however is that through the very long history of exclusive Arabica Typica coffees, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffees have always held the highest echelons of price and renown English Author Ian Fleming blessed his hero James bond with impeccable tastes for all the finest things in life. Mr. Bond declared outright in the novel Live and Let Die, "Blue Mountain Coffee, the most delicious in the world" Mr. Bond’s sentiment is one shared world wide and for decades among the fortunate.


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